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Reva Sullivan


Jacksonville Office

1106 Gum Branch Rd
Jacksonville, NC 28555

Reva Sullivan, the owner of iServe Insurance Agency, has been a pillar of the Jacksonville, North Carolina community since 1993. Her enduring presence is a testament to her unwavering commitment to the area.

iServe Insurance Agency stands as a testament to Reva’s dedication to providing top-notch insurance services to the community. Her agency has consistently served the needs of Jacksonville and surrounding area residents, offering a wide range of insurance products designed to protect what matters most to them. Reva’s extensive experience and deep understanding of the insurance industry have made iServe Insurance a trusted resource for individuals and businesses alike.

But Reva’s contributions to the community go beyond her role as an insurance agent. She is also an active member of the local Rotary club, where she passionately participates in various community service initiatives. Her involvement demonstrates her commitment to fostering positive change and connections within Jacksonville.

In addition to her insurance agency, Reva is also affiliated with her own real estate company, Homesmart Connections. Through Homesmart Connections, she helps individuals and families find their dream homes in Jacksonville and the surrounding areas. Her expertise in both insurance and real estate allows her to provide comprehensive support to her clients, ensuring they have peace of mind when it comes to protecting their homes and properties.

Furthermore, Reva has expanded her entrepreneurial endeavors to include Premier Properties, a property management company. This venture reflects her commitment to ensuring that property owners in the Jacksonville area have access to top-notch management services. Premier Properties strives to maintain and enhance the value of its clients’ investments while providing tenants with a high-quality living experience.

Reva Sullivan’s multifaceted approach to business and community involvement showcases her passion for making a positive impact and building connections in Jacksonville. Her dedication to iServe Insurance, Homesmart Connections, and Premier Properties underscores her unwavering commitment to serving the diverse needs of this vibrant North Carolina community.

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